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10 mind-blowing facts about US Presidents

Historically speaking, the United States is very young with just 43 presidents having served the American people. At the same time — there are many facts that even a large number of Americans don’t realize about our US Presidents.

Were you aware that James Buchanan was the only bachelor to ever be elected as president? While on the topic of relationship status’, Ronald Reagan is the only divorced man to have been sworn in to the oval office.

I bet you didn’t know that eight presidents have died while in office. That seems like a high number considering the amounts of presidents we’ve had.

Keep on reading to find out 10 more mind-blowing facts about former US Presidents.


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The 2000 Election Wasn’t The First Time That A Candidate Won The Popular Vote, But Lost The Election:

This has happened four times in the past. The first time was in 1824 when Andrew Jackson won the popular vote, but received less than 50% of electoral votes. The House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams to be the next president. In 1876, Samuel Tilden won the popular vote, but Rutherford B. Hayes received just one more electoral vote compared to Tilden. In 1888, Grover Cleveland won the popular vote, but lost to Benjamin Harrison after being crushed in electoral votes. The last time this happened was in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote, but George Bush ultimately won in the electoral vote.

22 Amazing Places That Really Do Exist

Exciting locations and new are identified everyday. The collection of photos are typical natural sights that you could find when you travel around the world as well as the others already have experienced human disturbance. Still, the results are incredible!

Consider yourself to far spots by looking at these image.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Image credits: Oleg Gordienko

10 unbelievable facts about Donald Trump

At this point I don’t know if any facts about Donald Trump are all that unbelievable to the average American audience. He has made some pretty stupid remarks during his run for the US Presidency and his actions have sometimes spoke even louder than his words.

While he may be a billionaire real estate magnate, he is also a polarizing figure who has made disparaging remarks and taken remarkable actions against women, the elderly, and pretty much everyone else in-between.

Here are 10 unbelievable facts about Donald Trump.

He Tried To Bulldoze An Old Lady’s House


In 1994, The Donald decided the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was in desperate need of a parking lot built specifically for limos. An elderly widow named Vera Coking, lived at the proposed location of his parking lot. Trump used eminent domain to condemn her house but ultimately the Institute of Justice got involved and Donald Trump didn’t stand a chance.

10 tweets that sum up our lives perfectly


We live in a very connected society and sometimes it feels like we are drowning in social media posts. Most of those posts are from internet trolls, friends showing us pictures of their newborn baby, and family members we try to ignore outside of a few holidays each year.

Within all of the noise, however, there are a few gems. Those posts that make us think about our own lives and realize the absurdity that is our collective existence.

From parenting tips to general life tips these Twitter users have figured out how to look at the generality of life in some pretty clever and hilarious ways.

On Preparing For Adulthood


Thank you mom and dad for teaching me to go to my room at the end of every day and pout about the things that I did or didn’t do. Doing this is a very life enriching experience and helps me to make better decisions in the future. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. We never learn.

10 Amazing Photos of World War II


As it’s name implies, World War II involved countries from all over the globe. The war lasted six long years from 1939 to 1945 and in the end, the war turned into a battle between two parties: the Axis and the Allies.

WWII was the largest, most widespread war in history, involving 30 countries and 100 million people.

Although all wars are tragic, WWII had some especially tragic moments including the Holocaust, mass bombings, and nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Total fatalities have been estimated at 50 to 85 million, which makes the Second World War the deadliest in history.

Here’s a compilation of some of the most amazing photos from World War II.


Source: Flickr

There’s not many things quite as fear-inspiring as a nuclear bomb as shown in this picture of an atomic bomb test by the US in the mid-1940s. The sad truth is that bombs like this were used throughout the war in instances like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing countless innocent people in the process.

10 Subliminal messages in advertising


Every single day we see logos for some of the most iconic brands in the world.

Little do many of us realize, those logos are sending some pretty strong subliminal messages our way.

All of these subliminal messages have one distinct trait in common — they in some way point to the main mission statement or product of the company they represent.

While these subliminal messages may be hidden inside a company’s logo, once you see them it’s easy to understand why they were chosen.



This company wants you to know that your packages will be delivered as quickly and reliably as possible from one location to another.

If you look carefully between the E and X (EX) you will notice that the white space left behind forms an arrow.

10 Facts About China You Might Be Shocked to Know


China wins the award for best secretive nation but they can’t possibly keep every little thing under wraps. Here’s a list of ten facts about China that will shock you.

1. Substitute Criminals

If you may possibly be facing a prison sentence and are wealthy, then no need to fear! There is always someone willing to be paid to serve your sentence for you. If you thought America’s 1% lived by their own rules then this might give you a lot to think about.


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10 Facts About the Legendary Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was always in the public eye, so there might be a few things that aren’t public or fan knowledge. Here’s the top ten facts about the King of Pop.

1. 50 foot M.J.

Jackson was reported to have had a comeback in the works around 2005. Part of the promotion for this comeback was to have a 50 foot statue of the Pop King roaming the desert of Nevada.


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10 OMG Facts About Russia


There’s many things that come to mind when you mention Russia to somebody. Vodka, Communism, just to name a few. Here are ten facts about Russia that will make you say “OMG!”

1. Russians Are Tough

Alexei Roskov guzzled down three bottles of vodka and from a 5-story window and walked back up to his apartment. His reasoning behind jumping was because he simply couldn’t stand his wife’s nagging any longer.


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